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The Beehive Global Store allows you to easily purchase products from around the world. You can discover a wide selection of international products on your local Beehive Store or request for sourcing of items through us.

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Shop from a wide range of products with Beehive Global Store from all popular online stores & manufacturers around the world.

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How it works


Search for any product or products that you would like on your favourite international shop. We can ship the products from USA, China, UK, UAE & South Africa. We have shipping arrangements for products on Amazon, Aliexpress, Takealot, Ebay & Backmarket.


Once you have identified your products, you can send us your request with information about the source, product name and any other information that you have about the product using our product request form.


Beehive Global Store will source for your requested products at the cost from your supplier and ship them at cost into Botswana. Our rates are charged ONLY the price of the product + shipping cost at a percentage between 5%-20% depending on the cost & nature of the products. BGS is not responsible for any additional costs such as extra insurance costs, customs costs and clearing agents admin costs.

The lower the price the higher the rate & vice-versa. Enquire about the cost here